Ring Road East (near Police HQ), P.O.Box 108, UAE. info@ungsc.com

UN Global is a leading logistics provider with a global presence.

Our Locations and Coverage

We have a strong presence in key markets across the globe, with a network of offices and warehouses in strategic locations. Our extensive coverage allows us to provide seamless logistics solutions to our clients and partners worldwide.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our headquarters is based in the United Arab Emirates, specifically located on Ring Road East, near the Police Headquarters. The UAE serves as a major hub for international trade, making it an ideal location for our operations. With its world-class infrastructure, advanced logistics facilities, and strategic geographic position, the UAE enables us to provide seamless connectivity to destinations worldwide.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of our key operational centers, boasting world-renowned infrastructure, modern seaports, and an international airport. Our presence in Dubai allows us to efficiently handle a high volume of shipments, offer a wide range of shipping services, and connect with our clients and partners in the region.


To cater to the rapidly growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region, we have established a strong presence in key cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. These locations allow us to tap into the vibrant trade routes and provide seamless logistics solutions to businesses operating in the region.

United States of America (USA)

With a strong presence in the United States, we have established offices and warehouses in key locations to serve our clients effectively. Our operations cover major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, allowing us to provide comprehensive shipping services across the country.


We have strategically positioned ourselves in prominent European cities such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. These locations give us easy access to major seaports, airports, and transport networks, enabling us to efficiently handle shipments within Europe and facilitate international trade.

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Given the significant trade activities in the Middle East and North Africa, we have strategically positioned ourselves in cities like Riyadh, Cairo, Doha, and Istanbul. These locations serve as gateways to emerging markets, enabling us to offer specialized shipping services and support the growing trade demands in the region.

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